Saturday, April 28, 2012

Use 'Em Up

What to do when your pantry of canned goods from last season looks like this at the end of April:
What I consider the new canning season is rapidly approaching.  Typically, they say home canned foods are safely edible for a year, which is the rule I try to live with when it comes to my goodies.  I normally begin canning new and delicious yumminess in mid May.  Hence, it is time to use 'em up to make room for the new goodies.

Today we are leaving to visit my Dear Brother and Sister-in-Law for a day of eats and talks and general shinanigans.  So last night, I spent a few moments gathering some goodies to share with Dear Bro.
I wrapped each jar in a simple sheet of tissue to add to the festivity and keep the jars from bumping together in the simple brown bag.
Then I tossed in some homemade yumminess: Emma's Blueberry Muffins with a Twist
And more yumminess: Himalayan Cinnamon-Berry Coffee Cake

And called it a perfect "May Day" gift!